Tellal Tepe No:4 Kayaköy Fethiye Muğla

About Us


History of Kayaköy also known as Karmylassos is starts from 3000 B.C based on phylological data. But the existing remnants are merely from 4 B.C. Name of this place is Kayaköy it means Rock Village in Turkish. Anatolian Greeks known as Rums, built their houses by not closing one another’s front from the cut stone. They left flat plain as pasture area to livestock and built their houses to the rocky slope at the north. That is why sun sees at the same way the houses built in north while its moving east to west line. But experts say that Rums had built their houses in a way that one house’s shadow does not drop to another house. Some experts even includes Pythagorean thorem while explaining the legendary settlement layout of the houses in Kayaköy. Kayaköy was historical Rum settlement consist of arround 3500 houses. Anatolian Rums were very expert on agriculture, thats why it was their important rule to not to build houses on fertile lands. They build their houses to rocky areas near to fertile lands. Kayaköy has been built in that sense by Rums. Its been told that commerce was carried out by a harbour at the seaside of Kayaköy. But its known that Kayaköy’s trade area is near to Upper Church. Buildings near to Upper Church are being considered as belong to butcher, grocery store, tailors. Nowadays there are arround 2000 people are living at the plains of Kayaköy. And old houses of Kayaköy are waiting in windowless and doorless loneliness. All houses are took under preservation and protection. In Kayaköy there was 2 churches and 14 small chapels. The muslim immigrants came to Kayaköy with the agreement of exchange of people between Turkey and Greece did not like the place and almost all of them are immigrated to another places. The Rum migrants of Kayaköy are built a village near to Athens and named it as Nea Marki (New Fethiye).

Story About US

Our hotel nearby Panayia Pirgiotissa also known as Lower Church. According to Rum’s lived in Kayaköy but currently living in Greece our hotel was the house of Lower Church’s High Priest. There are only very few numbers of stone houses in Kayaköy that kept its orginality and our hotel is biggest one of them. There are six different sections with different feautures that you can stay in our hotel.